Our Mission

Help news organizations build financial sustainability—because the public deserves access to quality journalism.

Our Story

The Hub takes care of the heavy lifting so our clients can focus on what they do best: producing high quality journalism.

From the beginning, our goal has been to help news organizations achieve greater sustainability.

We do this by helping our clients implement a membership model for fundraising. We also build software tools, automate time consuming processes, work with clients to conduct experiments, and train them on best practices.

The Hub is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by client fees and foundation grants and is supported by the Democracy Fund, Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the John & Florence Newman Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the Lenfest Institute, and the Rita Allen Foundation.

The Hub Team

Mary Walter-Brown, CEO/President & Founder

Mary launched the News Revenue Hub in 2016 to help news organizations achieve greater financial sustainability. Prior to founding the Hub, Mary was the Publisher/COO of Voice of San Diego. During her seven-year tenure, she spearheaded the creation of VOSD’s membership program and grew the organization’s annual revenue by nearly $1 million.

Tristan Loper

Tristan Loper, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder

Tristan oversees News Revenue Hub client, strategy, and technology teams. He helps new clients implement membership programs, and tailors Hub strategy and software in real time to meet their needs.

Christina Shih, VP of Business Development

Christina works to ensure the Hub reaches its client and revenue goals. Prior to the Hub, Christina managed Voice of San Diego’s membership program. She has a background in mission driven event planning and spent four years planning high-level donor cultivation events for art museums.

Rebecca Quarls, Senior Director of Membership

Rebecca helps Hub clients advance their membership strategies. Previously, Rebecca served as Membership and Marketing Manager at the Texas Tribune, where she focused on building a sustainable membership program that was replicable by anyone. Rebecca helped the organization grow its ranks of members by more than 70% and achieve its best-ever revenue and retention rates.

Evan Mackinder, Director of Audience Development

Evan helps Hub clients craft strategies to grow audiences. Prior to joining the Hub, Evan worked as a senior audience editor at Slate. He has more than six years’ experience working in non-profit news.

Sam Hoisington, Project Manager

Sam helps clients implement new membership programs and refine existing ones. Prior to joining the Hub, Sam worked as a journalist in Arkansas and Washington, D.C.

Alma Washington, Project Manager

Alma helps clients create and maintain sustainable membership programs. Prior to joining the Hub, she worked as an audience producer for The News & Observer and a data & interactive journalist for The Dallas Morning News.

Anne Marie Grisanti, Business Development Coordinator

Anne Marie helps the Hub team with all phases of sales, client prospecting, and project management. For more than six years she worked for various Kentucky nonprofits doing community engagement and development work, and she arrived at the Hub via a nonprofit newsroom in Louisville, Kentucky.

Anna Crotty

Anna Crotty, Salesforce Specialist

Anna helps News Revenue Hub clients manage and customize their member databases. She helps organizations develop automated processes, comprehensive reports and customized tools that help bolster fundraising strategies with clear metrics and outcomes. Anna has worked with numerous news organizations to implement membership programs, including Mother Jones, Texas Tribune and Voice of San Diego.

Board of Directors

Corey Fayman, Officer

Corey Fayman is a longtime supporter of nonprofit journalism. Now retired, he has taught at University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University, and the Art Institute of San Diego.

Katie Nelson, Officer

Katie Nelson is Executive Producer, News Content for ABC News. Prior to joining ABC News in 2017, she was News Director at HuffPost, and has been an editor and reporter for other digital, print and newswire publications.

Eric Poerschke, Secretary and Treasurer

Eric is the Managing Director and Chief Strategic Officer at the marketing firm, NextLevel Thinking. For more than two decades, Eric has helped organizations develop strategic marketing plans.

Mary Walter-Brown, Board President

Mary launched the News Revenue Hub in 2016 to help news organizations achieve greater financial sustainability. Prior to founding the Hub, Mary was the Publisher/COO of Voice of San Diego. During her seven-year tenure, she spearheaded the creation of VOSD’s membership program and grew the organization’s annual revenue by nearly $1 million.

Irving Washington, Officer

Irving Washington is executive director for the Online News Association (ONA), the world’s largest membership organization of digital journalists. Irving has managed programming and fundraising initiatives for journalists, media professionals and students worldwide. Prior to joining ONA, he worked for the National Association of Black Journalists and the Radio-Television Digital News Association.

Support Staff

Sarah Beauchemin crafts timely appeals for Hub clients. She is a longtime content writer and copywriter who owns a consultancy in San Diego specializing in content strategy, storytelling and targeted messaging for nonprofits and purpose-driven brands. Sarah has two decades of combined experience working in higher ed, nonprofits and the private sector.

David Chatsuthiphan is a Hawaii-based user experience (UX) designer, photographer and content creator. His work has included projects for Hawaiian Airlines, Bank of Hawaii and Hawaiian Telcom. David has also designed for FORTUNE 500® brands like Microsoft and DaVita (a national healthcare provider). He currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Tiffany Coe crafts timely appeals for Hub clients. She has more than a decade of experience in the media and marketing industries and has worked for companies including National Public Radio, Atlantic Media Company, and CFO Publishing/The Economist Group. She currently serves as a consultant to several B2B and B2C brands—assisting with events, branded content, website optimization, ghostwriting, and overall marketing strategy.

Erin Mishkin crafts timely appeals for Hub clients. Prior to joining the Hub, she worked in public media for 15+ yrs, specializing in communications, community engagement, and talent development. Erin has a background in arts education and has worked for NPR, The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, AIR, and The Urban Institute, to name a few.

Evan Nagle is a software developer and tech columnist. He has worked on a number of digital literary ventures,  including Civil Beat, First Look Media, The Intercept, and Voice of San Diego. He currently resides in Kaaawa, Hawaii.

Mark Olinger helps Hub clients implement technology solutions for membership. He specializes in application integration, cloud based solutions and CRM implementations. Mark has worked in the IT field for 20+ years as an architect and software developer.

Lucy Rayner helps Hub clients get the most out of their donor data. She has worked for 12+ years as a software developer in various tech companies around the globe, with a focus on web based reporting and location based services, and was recently involved in a local Business Acceleration program.

Shay Totten is a longtime journalist, nonprofit consultant, and communications professional who lives and works in his home state of Vermont. After a long career as an investigative and political columnist, he is now focused on improving communications and outreach tools for nonprofit media and member-based grassroots organizations.

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