Our Mission

We help mission-news organizations build financial sustainability—because the public deserves access to quality journalism.


From the beginning, our goal has been to help news organizations achieve greater financial sustainability.

We help our members implement fundraising models, automate time consuming processes, conduct experiments, adopt best practices, and more.

We take care of the heavy lifting so our members can focus on what they do best: producing high quality journalism.

How to support our work

• Support our partner newsrooms here.

• Donate to the Hub here.

• To donate to the Hub through a donor advised, to fund us through a grant or foundation, or to change an existing contribution, contact us at [email protected].

The Hub Team

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Agustín Biancardi


Agustín Biancardi assists the technical and business development teams by providing technical support to customers and developing new products. Prior to joining the Hub, he received a bachelor’s degree in Business, Organizations & Society with a minor in Computer Science from Franklin & Marshall College.

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Mac Blair


Mac helps onboard new clients onto the Hub’s tech stack and supports the project management team with service deliverables. Prior to joining the Hub, she worked as a freelance digital producer and received her master’s in media studies from The New School.

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Daniel Craigmile

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel develops software, improves processes and helps to set technology direction for the News Revenue Hub. Daniel joined the News Revenue Hub from the Texas Tribune where he served as Chief Technology and Security Officer. In previous roles he worked at Mutual Mobile, The University of Texas at Austin, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Stacy Fernández

Marketing and Communications Manager

Stacy helps partners launch and grow sustainable membership programs. Prior to joining the Hub, she worked as a breaking news and education reporter at The Texas Tribune. Stacy has a background in equity-driven reporting.

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Abbey Gingras


Abbey helps Hub members build and maintain audience strategies. Prior to joining the Hub, Abbey worked as an audience editor at Outside magazine and in local news in Washington, D.C. and Vermont.

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Rachel Glickhouse

Director of Learning and Labs

Rachel helps Hub partners build and maintain audience strategies. Previously, she worked in editorial and collaboration roles at The COVID Tracking Project, ProPublica, Univision, and Medium.

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Anne Marie Grisanti

Sr. Business and HR Manager

Anne Marie helps the Hub team with prospecting and project management. For more than six years she worked for various Kentucky nonprofits doing community engagement and development work, and she arrived at the Hub via a nonprofit newsroom in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Mariclare Hall


Mariclare has ten years’ experience as a product champion and digital innovator. Agency-side, she’s delivered technical solutions for news media clients, cultural organizations, and nonprofits. At the Hub, she oversees the development and go-to-market strategy for new technologies that support newsrooms, donors, and internal staff. 

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Lizzy Hardison


Lizzy helps the Hub’s project management team consult with partners and execute special projects. She previously worked as a reporter covering local news and the state legislature Pennsylvania, and as a freelance consultant has helped news organizations build new products and programs to support local journalism.

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Tristan Loper


Tristan manages News Revenue Hub operations, helps set company strategy, and oversees departments including the product and membership teams. Previously, he served as Digital Director at Voice of San Diego and ran programs in digital media and user experience at University of California, San Diego.

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Evan Mackinder


Evan leads Hub efforts to help newsrooms build and refine audience and membership strategies. Prior to joining the Hub, Evan worked as a senior audience editor at Slate. He has more than six years’ experience working in non-profit news.

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Samantha Munsey


Samantha helps Hub partners build and maintain audience strategies. Prior to joining the Hub, Samantha worked as a digital editor for the Arizona Daily Star and as a producer for the hyperlocal news project, This Is Tucson.

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Christina Shih

Sr. VP of Revenue

Christina works to ensure the Hub reaches its partner and revenue goals. Prior to the Hub, Christina managed Voice of San Diego’s membership program. She has a background in mission driven event planning and spent four years planning high-level donor cultivation events for art museums.

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Kerrie Vilá

Sr. Project Manager

Kerrie helps Hub partners build and maintain audience strategies. Prior to joining the Hub, she got her master’s in media innovation at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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Mary Walter-Brown


Mary launched the News Revenue Hub in 2016 to help news organizations achieve greater financial sustainability. Prior to founding the Hub, Mary was the Publisher/COO of Voice of San Diego. During her seven-year tenure, she spearheaded the creation of VOSD’s membership program and grew the organization’s annual revenue by nearly $1 million.

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Graham Watson-Ringo


Graham leads the Hub’s member team and works to ensure newsrooms meet their audience and revenue goals. Previously, Graham was the managing editor for the San Antonio Report where she directed editorial strategy and oversaw unprecedented year-over-year audience growth. Graham also a member of Online News Association (ONA)’s board of directors.

Board of Directors

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Corey Fayman


Corey Fayman is a longtime supporter of nonprofit journalism. Now retired, he has taught at University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University, and the Art Institute of San Diego.

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icco Mele


Nicco Mele is a managing director at the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. From 2016 to 2019, Nicco was the Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Nicco’s prior experience includes founding technology companies, working on political campaigns, and a stint as a media executive at the Los Angeles Times.

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Eric Poerschke


Eric is the Managing Director and Chief Strategic Officer at the marketing firm, NextLevel Thinking. For more than two decades, Eric has helped organizations develop strategic marketing plans.

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Irving Washington


Irving Washington is executive director for the Online News Association (ONA), the world’s largest membership organization of digital journalists. Irving has managed programming and fundraising initiatives for journalists, media professionals and students worldwide. Prior to joining ONA, he worked for the National Association of Black Journalists and the Radio-Television Digital News Association.

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Sisi Wei


Sisi Wei is Co-Executive Director at OpenNews, which supports a community of practitioners and leaders in journalism/tech working to transform newsrooms into being more equitable, inclusive and collaborative. Before joining OpenNews, Sisi was the Assistant Managing Editor at ProPublica, where she edited and managed news apps, graphics, visual investigations and large, interdisciplinary projects.