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Ethical Practices

Is my news organization a good fit for News Revenue Hub?


News Revenue Hub supports ethical journalism, specifically newsrooms that produce fact-based reporting and hold themselves to a high standard of accountability.

The following criteria can help determine whether your organization should use our platform:

Accuracy and fairness

  • Your content is fact-based and accurate. You correct and clearly label errors on your site and make it easy for readers to flag errors and request corrections.
  • You clearly label opinion content to distinguish it from news coverage. If you run advertisements or sponsored content, you clearly label that, too.
  • You have a published policy on anonymous sources and you generally don’t publish non-bylined content.
  • You give sources/story subjects a chance to respond or comment in articles.


  • You’re clear with readers about where your money comes from. If you’re a registered nonprofit, you follow national and state rules that govern your tax status. If you’re a for-profit, you label paid content, whether that’s advertising or sponsored material.
  • You have a mission and a clearly stated editorial policy.
  • You make it easy for readers to see who’s on your staff. This includes publishing a masthead, and bylining all content so readers can tell who produced it.
  • You make it easy for readers to contact you, either by sharing contact information for individual staff members or posting a public contact form/general email address.


  • Donors and financial supporters don’t receive preferential treatment or input on your coverage, and you publish disclosures when your supporters are featured in your coverage.

Terms of Service

  • You adhere to our Terms of Service, as well as those of the 3rd party platforms we use, including but not limited to Stripe, Mailchimp, and Salesforce.

If you have any questions about these guidelines or News Revenue Hub, contact us!