News Revenue Engine:
Coming Summer 2022

An affordable, do-it-yourself contribution management software for newsrooms, by newsrooms.

Save time, money, and democracy by sustaining your newsroom through voluntary reader contributions. No CRM required. Create a checkout page in minutes.



Ideal for Startup Newsrooms


  • One customizable checkout page
  • Receipt emails delivered directly to your contributors
  • Contributors can cancel their own recurring payments
  • Pay with credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay 
  • Stripe integration for payment processing
  • Easily export transaction details
  • Coming Soon: Slack integration for real-time payment notifications 
  • Coming Soon: Contribution pages in multiple languages
  • Coming Soon: Newspack Integration

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Ideal for Growing Newsrooms

Includes everything in FREE, plus:

  • Automatically sync payment information with Mailchimp
  • Automated new email subscriber onboarding and member renewal emails
  • Contributors can change payment methods on recurring payments 
  • Basic reporting
  • Coming Soon: Your brand’s custom fonts on checkout pages



Ideal for Scaled Newsrooms

Includes everything in CORE, plus:

  • Unlimited customizable checkout pages
  • Advanced contributor segmentation – sync detailed payment information to Mailchimp
  • Slice-and-dice your data with custom reporting – great for special campaigns
  • Showcase and track membership levels and benefits
  • Unlimited users with custom access levels for different team members
  • Advanced insights on your contribution trends
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom thank-you pages
  • Coming Soon: Pay by check or ACH Debit
  • Coming Soon: Eventbrite integration

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a for-profit newsroom. Will you still work with me?
Yes! The Hub’s nonprofit status doesn’t keep us from working with newsrooms; it just means we can offer additional value and lower rates than similar services. Our tools and training have proven successful with all newsrooms that have a goal to serve the public — whether they’re for-profit or nonprofit.

Who owns my data?
Your data will always belong to you and remain portable so you can take it anywhere you choose. You can view all terms of our Privacy Policy here.

Do I have to pay for Stripe?
Stripe does not charge any monthly or annual fees for a basic account. You only pay for transaction processing. To learn more about Stripe fees, click here. If you’re a nonprofit, you can request discounted fees from Stripe. The News Revenue Hub believes organizations should not be penalized for being successful, so we don’t take a cut of your transactions — no matter how much you raise through the platform.

Do I have to pay for Mailchimp?
Yes; if you’d like to take advantage of our Mailchimp integration, you will need to have your own Mailchimp account. To learn more about Mailchimp pricing, click here. If you’re a nonprofit, you can request a discount from Mailchimp.

Results-oriented work

On average, News Revenue Hub full-service clients see a 68% revenue increase following their first calendar year with the Hub.

Growth averages for Hub member newsrooms for donations of $10,000 and under:

  • Average revenue per donor: $177
  • Average year-over-year revenue growth: 45%
  • Total lifetime revenue increase while working with the Hub: 103%
  • Average annual revenue: $234,000

Will you migrate payment data from my previous system to News Revenue Engine?
We are experienced data migrators! We evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis, and additional fees may apply depending on complexity. If you’re interested in data migration, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

Is Salesforce required to work with the News Revenue Engine?
Many of our consulting services utilize Salesforce, but it’s not required for all service levels. If you’re interested in integrating with Salesforce, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

I joined the News Revenue Hub before these services were available. What now?
We’ll onboard you to the News Revenue Engine as part of your existing service plan. Your pricing won’t change, and you’ll maintain access to Hub consulting staff and Salesforce administration. If you feel you no longer need access to individualized support or Salesforce, please contact us through your regular support channel.


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