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Our Origin Story

News Revenue Hub was founded in 2016 by former Voice of San Diego Publisher Mary Walter-Brown. She was joined by Voice alums, Tristan Loper, Hub co-founder and COO, and Christina Shih, Senior Vice President of Revenue.

Having developed the gold standard for nonprofit news membership programs at Voice of San Diego, the Hub’s trailblazing team challenged newsrooms to better serve their community members in order to earn their trust and financial support.

Starting with just three employees and five pilot newsrooms in 2016, the Hub team quickly began proving that news consumers across the country were willing to meaningfully support news outlets they considered essential.

Today, the Hub has nearly two dozen full-time staffers, each bringing unique expertise from some of the leading digital news outlets in the U.S. We also work with a highly curated group of specialized contractors. Together, this talented team has helped more than 70 newsrooms raise $67 million dollars – and counting!


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