There’s a whole community waiting for you with open arms.

When you join the News Revenue Hub at the full-service level, we help you develop top-to-bottom loyalty strategies that build lasting relationships with your audience — inspiring trust, engagement and long-term financial support.

Our custom-built tech, strategic consulting, campaign toolkits, industry benchmarking, and real-time learning lab provide a comprehensive solution for newsrooms at every stage of their evolution.

The beauty of being a full-service Hub member is that we also offer a collaborative environment where our member newsrooms can join cohorts and labs led by industry experts, experiment with different tools and initiatives, and share in each other’s successes.

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We offer a top-to-bottom approach to audience and fundraising.

Our in-house experts specialize in:

  • Analytics training and reporting
  • Content strategy, calls to action (CTAs)
  • Donor/membership program development and management
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Goal-setting and campaign roadmaps
  • Lead generation/email sign-ups
  • Major gift strategies
  • On-site reader retention
  • News product development
  • Re-engagement, renewal, and retention strategies
  • Salesforce/database administration
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and headline writing
  • Social media efficiencies
  • Targeted communications

Results-oriented work

On average, members see a 68% revenue increase following their first calendar year with the Hub

Growth averages for Hub member newsrooms for donations of $10,000 and under:

  • Average revenue per donor: $177
  • Average year-over-year revenue growth: 45%
  • Total lifetime revenue increase while working with the Hub: 103%
  • Average annual revenue: $234,000

How to get started

Each organization needs its own approach.

We know your organization has unique challenges.

When we first speak with an organization, the first thing we do is help you determine what type of support you need. Then, we develop a customized service plan based on your priorities and budget. (As a mission-driven nonprofit ourselves, we subsidize our prices so you can access tools and services that are often out of reach — the type only available to organizations or campaigns with huge budgets.)

The typical Hub newsroom works with us for multiple years so we expect your service service plan to evolve as you do. Many organizations with a package that meets their immediate needs, and then adjust as they start to see improvement in key areas. Other newsrooms start simple, just using our News Revenue Engine tech products and a few a la carte options, and then enlist our consulting services when they are ready to become more sophisticated. 

Because of demand, every organization interested in working with us should apply using our online form.

After receiving your application we will schedule an initial consultation and send you our needs assessment survey. This survey will walk you through a series of questions and help us develop a roadmap for you.

Ready? Apply today.