How we support our members

We make fundraising easier

At the Hub, we have unique expertise in fundraising for journalism. Our members range from small local outlets, to national and global organizations—including Pulitzer and Oscar winners. Our members also have a wide range of needs so we offer different types of services and consulting packages, customized to where they are in their evolution.

If you are interested in launching a membership program or want to take your existing program to the next level, this is the perfect place to start. Our blend of strategy, custom tech, capacity building and training will provide your team with the bandwidth to focus on what you do best: producing high-quality journalism.


Annual News Revenue Hub Audience Insights survey

  • Measures loyalty, essentialness, propensity to give
  • Informs marketing and fundraising strategy
  • Choose between standardized or custom survey with ability to add or edit questions.

Audience and product consulting

  • Audience scorecard: SEO audit, loyalty funnels, UX, newsletters
  • Product development sprint based on scorecard results: Identify product to build or improve; design strategy, execution, testing and iterations
  • Audience growth and loyalty best  practices
  • How to build an “audience first” organizational structure
  • Documentation, job descriptions, and staff training

Database, email marketing, and donation processing tools

  • In-depth tech discovery session and documentation of database, reporting, and migration needs
  • Standard Salesforce configuration and essential reports
  • Optimized donation pages integrated with Salesforce, Stripe, and Slack
  • Hub MailChimp-Salesforce integration
  • Ongoing support and feature releases for Salesforce and all Hub technology tools
  • Documentation and essential training on all Hub technology tools, including recurring webinars and Q&As

In-person strategy workshop with Hub experts

Customized session can include:

  • Audience and product analysis
  • Technology and UX analysis
  • Analysis of survey results against Hub benchmarks and (if data available) performance to date
  • Org chart and workflow development
  • Culture change coaching (internal and external)
  • Branding and persona consulting
  • Membership practices and program development

Email marketing & email automation

Assistance executing:

  • Conditional content based on donor history
  • 1 automated newsletter onboarding series
  • 1 automated renewal series
  • 2 fundraising toolkits per year: comprehensive campaigns, including copy, collateral
  • Monthly stewardship campaign designed to build loyalty

Reporting and benchmarking

  • Monthly scorecards against key goals (KPI reports), with recommendations
  • Quarterly strategy roundtables with entire Hub cohort

Exclusive Slack community

  • Includes journalism executives, development professionals, audience and engagement editors, and more

Project-based services

Additional support billed hourly or on project basis includes:

  • Custom MailChimp or Salesforce configurations
  • MailChimp list cleaning
  • MailChimp housekeeping
  • Custom MailChimp migration
  • Custom Salesforce reporting
  • Custom Salesforce migration
  • Donor customer service

Custom Consulting

We provide custom consulting services and work with our partners to tackle challenges together. We have helped build news organizations from the ground up, advise legacy news organizations on how to pivot their business models and everything in between. We know that unique situations require unique solutions, so contact us to learn more.

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