Transparency is core to what we do.

As a nonprofit organization with a public service mission, we want to contribute to the public good in everything we do—and that includes creating code that is accessible to everyone. We believe that by building open products, we further our mission of being transparent and collaborative.

Our code base is designed for self-reliant news organizations and mission-driven engineers to replicate, elaborate on, and contribute to. Open sourcing our projects means that others can use, innovate on, and benefit in ways we haven’t imagined and to ends that are greater than what we’ve accomplished on our own.


We are intentional about inclusion and always strive to be better. 

We strongly value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are committed to creating an environment where employees feel safe and heard. One way we have achieved this as a company is by drafting a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) action plan, an effort to codify our principles into policy. But that’s just the start.

As a fully remote workplace, we are proud to offer a high level of flexibility and freedom that works for people in all stages of life. We also allow employees to set their own office hours and work from anywhere in the world. We even offer a generous stipend to optimize employees’ home office setups.

To us, DEIB applies not just to our staff, but the clients we work with. We are proud to work with news organizations that represent a variety of audiences. Likewise, we don’t want to limit the products we make and services we offer only to organizations that can afford it. In all of our operations, we plan our success criteria with special attention to accessibility and inclusion.

We genuinely want everyone at the News Revenue Hub, our employees and the news organizations we work with, to feel like they belong, and we’re committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone to succeed. We know that by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, we are able to better serve our diverse client base.


Whether we’re coaching, training, advocating, or connecting, our approach is hands-on. 

Many of us at the News Revenue Hub are former journalists. That means we know what it’s like to be in the shoes of our clients and users. We care deeply about the mission of making journalism sustainable. And we are mindful of community.

We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams and take a hands-on approach in everything we do. As such, we play a variety of roles, no matter our job titles: We are coaches and trainers, advocates and connectors. From our active and supportive Slack channels to meetups at industry conferences, we are always looking for opportunities to interact with clients and answer whatever questions they have. To us, community engagement is about constantly working to help our clients grow, and by supporting journalists, we help communities make informed decisions.


There’s room to experiment, be creative, and work on a variety of projects.

Creating a sustainable journalistic community requires collaboration, a shared sense of responsibility, and understanding that our work is interconnected. That means there’s no working alone or in silos. At the Hub, you’ll find engineers in conversations with client consultants, business development folks in meetings with the product team, and a generally flatter hierarchy than you may encounter at other companies.

As a small and agile organization, our employees are involved in multiple projects. While we don’t require new hires to have a wide range of experience, we are looking for people who are willing to jump in and tackle a wide range of tasks. Our engineers can branch out into a variety of areas—project management, QA analysis, DevOps work, design, and so on—and we want them to gain marketable experience and skills on the job.


We are innovators and problem solvers.

At the Hub, we serve news organizations that serve the public, so being product-driven means that our goals are shaped by the public’s needs. We work with a diverse group of organizations who rely on us to meet big problems with innovative solutions.

By leading with product and building scalable, maintainable code, we strive to continuously adapt to a changing news climate. Our teams are nimble and open minded enough to acknowledge and support new requirements as our communities’ needs change. We listen to the market, accept our limitations, and adjust properly—all while creating a robust product suite that we know will evolve over time.


We work smarter, not harder.

We create code that is maintainable and scalable, all with the goal of making it easier for new staff members, partners, contractors, and integrators  to jump in and contribute. We do this in part through code review, which includes collaborative documentation, continuous testing, and multiple levels of approval.

At the Hub, we serve hundreds of news organizations with a wide variety of needs. Delivering products that are secure, trustworthy, and reliable is critical to what we do—and critical to helping those organizations succeed. By building scalable and stable code, we can continue to adapt and grow as the needs of those news organizations change.


We are creating products for the future of journalism.

As a member of our burgeoning technology team, you will be responsible for delivering new, mission-driven products and contemporary methodology into an industry that is in desperate need of innovation. This work—centered around transparency and ease-of-use—has never been done before in journalism. We believe that it will change the way that startup and legacy news organizations work, and revolutionize how new players join independent journalism.

Our goal is to create technology for good, and we do it through modern and cloud-native tools and technologies like containers, React, serverless, and Kubernetes. With our products, we aspire to help small newsrooms, replenish news deserts, and change communities for the better. That’s no small feat!


There’s no smartest person in the room. We are smartest together.

As a remote office, we believe that communication is crucial to success. We use a variety of mediums to communicate, for a variety of purposes—for work, interacting with clients, and getting to know each other better. We also have a strong culture of documentation. If there are any changes in our technology or consulting work, we document them so anyone can find that information when they need it.

We are mindful about meetings, from sending out agendas beforehand to making sure there are diverse viewpoints in the room. Hub managers have regular one-on-ones with staff, and we hold weekly team meetings where everyone is given an opportunity to speak. At a company-wide level, we have a weekly staff standup, and each team runs a regular meeting, often inviting stakeholders from other departments to present updates or give objective feedback.

Just as we’re intentional about speaking, we also respect the need to be quiet and get work done. Hub employees have control over how—and how often—they want to receive notifications from tools that we use to communicate and stay organized. We all need to stay informed, but we also don’t need beeps, boops, and interruptions all day long.