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Best Practices

Two Panels From This Year’s International Journalism Festival #IJF18 in Perugia You Should Watch

Subscriptions vs. memberships. Getting the most from your audience

Featuring Mary Walter-Brown, Founder and CEO, News Revenue Hub

As monetization strategies shift from advertising (where Google and Facebook take the lion’s share) to reader revenue, there is an important distinction lost on many publishers: subscriptions vs. memberships. Simply put, subscription is a one-size-fits-all approach. It treats all customers the same, no matter their income level or engagement.

Many publishers do more than publish news: they host events, offer discounts, even sell merchandise. A tiered membership strategy allows the publisher to reconfigure those offerings into different bundles that can appeal to different audience segments that have varying levels of price-sensitivity. However, pulling this off requires a precise strategy and deep understanding of the audience. (International Journalism Festival)

My job is what? The rise of bridge roles in newsrooms

Featuring Rebecca Quarls, Director of Client Relationships, News Revenue Hub

Digital transformation is driving huge changes in our industry, including newsrooms themselves. A decade ago, it would have been surprising to find developers, digital designers, audience specialists and coders in the newsroom. Today, it’s almost commonplace. More recently, some newsrooms are even taking on roles that in years past would fall into marketing or sales. Things are changing, and fast. (International Journalism Festival)


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