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Are you in a growing newsroom? RevEngine Core is for you.

At our core, News Revenue Hub is dedicated to helping news organizations build financial sustainability. We know that whether you’re a for- or non-profit newsroom, building more reliable revenue streams is crucial to success.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share that the latest iteration of our in-house contribution management system, RevEngine Core, will be available next month.

Core, the first paid RevEngine tier that integrates Mailchimp, is packed with features that allow newsrooms to sync member data in order to effectively tailor and segment campaigns.

There’s a lot about RevEngine Core that we’re excited about, but the greatest benefit for news organizations is that it will reduce manual workflows and streamline the process of communicating with donors. Other features, such as two customizable checkout pages, plus drafts for campaign ideas, will make it easier for newsrooms to experiment with fundraising campaigns.

In other words, Core allows you to do fewer manual tasks and more big-picture, creative thinking.

RevEngine Core is ideal for growing newsrooms. Here’s the full list of features:

  • Mailchimp integration: Automatically sync payment information with Mailchimp’s built-in CRM functionality
  • Segment emails and create automations for stewardship and recruitment
  • 2 publishable checkout pages and drafts for your campaign ideas and experiments
  • Branded receipts and payment reminder emails
  • Custom branded contributor portal
  • Salesforce is not required

RevEngine Core will be available in mid-June and cost $200/month or a discounted yearly fee of $2,000. We believe that the software will pay for itself quickly, considering the time and effort it saves in manual tasks. If you’re interested in Core, please let us know!

RevEngine Core users will have access to Hub team members for support. Like with all Hub products, we will actively solicit feedback from our users, looking for ways to improve and grow RevEngine Core over time.

We hope you’re as excited about RevEngine Core as we are, and we look forward to releasing this exciting new product soon.


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