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Job Opening: Salesforce Administrator (Contract)

The News Revenue Hub, a nonprofit that builds web-based products and provides consulting to news organizations in service of the public good, is seeking an Salesforce Administrator support our team on an ongoing basis.


  • Perform tasks related to the day-to-day operations of several implementations of Salesforce including managing user access, permissions and sharing, creation and maintenance of custom objects and fields, handling bulk data import and migration, workflows, validation rules, page layouts, and troubleshooting integrations
  • Build custom reports, dashboards, and console/list-views
  • Be responsible for defining Salesforce object/fields schema page layouts record types, report types and other metadata information
  • Manage and own Salesforce configurations such as workflows validation rules, security settings, including roles, profiles, sharing settings and permissions
  • Review upcoming Salesforce releases and make recommendations for how to roll out to clients; perform pre-release testing in sandboxes; monitor releases as they are installed
  • Provide clients with timely updates on Salesforce outages or bugs
  • Manages tasks and projects in a fast-paced operations environment, driving all issues to resolution with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and efficient task execution
  • Partner with the development team and IT groups to optimize the end-to-end process including monitoring, deployment, and production support
  • Implement monitoring services to proactively identify issues
  • Set up and configuring new Salesforce instances for clients
  • Import and migrate data from other systems into Salesforce
  • Create, and maintain documentation and Salesforce policies/procedures
  • Actively transfers knowledge throughout the organization, participate in knowledge sharing projects to develop best practices, conduct technology/applications deep dive sessions, and mentor junior staff and new hires
  • Maintain and demonstrate 100% compliance with all written security policies, and change management controls
  • Maintain data quality and run backups
  • Maintain Salesforce for integrity and accuracy including cleansing and duplicate record management
  • Research and recommend installing and integrating 3rd party applications and Salesforce add-ons
  • Develop technical specifications for projects and enhancements
  • Design solutions with maximum usability while minimizing complex code and customization


  • Minimum 3 years of administration on the Salesforce platform
  • Experience with Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Support Pack)
  • Experience integrating Salesforce with other systems tools and APIs
  • Excellent data and system analytical skills
  • Experience performing advanced configuration of Salesforce
  • Effective at communicating with others in the workplace
  • Customer service skills; working with clients
  • Experience with sandbox and production deployments
  • Experience with database concepts and data modeling capabilities
  • Strong team player with a service-oriented attitude and customer focus
  • Must be a self-starter and Salesforce trailblazer who thrives on working in a fast-paced environment
  • Expert knowledge with Lightning Experience, Analytics, Flows, and Components
  • Excellent proficiency in Salesforce’s Web Services, APIs and Security Model
  • Good project management skills with the ability to juggle multiple projects/tasks across various user groups
  • Experience writing SOQL queries
  • Expert knowledge of best practices regarding Salesforce implementations, including design patterns, release management, deployment strategies, and testing best practices

Desired Skills

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Familiarity with with Jira and Confluence
  • Experience with Salesforce developer toolkit including IDE, Migration Tool, and data migration tools like data loader, workbench, SFDX and CumulusCI
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience supporting Triggers, Apex Code and Visualforce Pages
  • Experience with DLRS (Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries) and MAS (Mass Action Scheduler)
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum methodologies
  • Familiarity with Gearset

About News Revenue Hub 

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works with news outlets to develop stronger business models and more loyal audiences. We help our clients become sustainable, allowing them to fight misinformation, keep the public informed, and hold elected leaders accountable. We provide a robust technology infrastructure specifically designed for journalism fundraising, along with customized strategies for audience and membership and donor development.

We work with over 60 news organizations and have had the opportunity to work on projects with big impact. Our approach to sustainability is holistic and we work closely with editors and audience strategists as we do with membership officers and fundraisers.

News Revenue Hub works with news organizations to implement fundraising models, automate time consuming processes, conduct experiments, adopt best practices, and more. Our mission is to help newsrooms achieve financial sustainability and take on the heavy lifting so our members can focus on what they do best: producing high quality journalism.

Applications are now closed.

All applications should be submitted through the link in this job posting. If you’re interested in this position but aren’t sure if your background is the perfect fit, please still apply. The Hub is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we encourage candidates of all ages, color, ethnic background, country of origin, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity to apply.


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