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News Revenue Engine

News Revenue Hub Launches Next Tier of Contributions Management System, RevEngine Core

The simple and affordable solution includes email marketing integration and enhanced customizable features

July 18, 2023 – The News Revenue Hub has released a new software tool, RevEngine Core, to supercharge reader revenue programs that keep news free and open to the public. Core’s timesaving workflows give hours back each week to newsrooms by reducing manual data management and making it easier to communicate with specific news consumers. Other benefits, such as two customizable checkout pages, make it easier for newsrooms to experiment with fundraising campaigns and targeted messaging.

Custom-designed to help newsrooms streamline the process of communicating with their community, Core seamlessly integrates donor data with Mailchimp’s automation and email marketing platform. “I set up the Mailchimp Integration and things went really smoothly; the process was very easy and the instructions were clear,” shared Dustin Bartholomew, co-founder of Fayetteville Flyer.

Core is packed with features that allow newsrooms to sync donor data in order to effectively tailor and segment stewardship and fundraising campaigns:

  • Mailchimp integration: Automatically sync payment information with Mailchimp’s built-in CRM functionality
  • Segment emails and create automations for stewardship and recruitment
  • 2 publishable checkout pages and drafts for your campaign ideas and experiments
  • Branded receipts and payment reminder emails
  • Custom branded contributor portal
  • Salesforce is not required

Additionally, Core users have access to live hands-on support from Hub experts to ensure that they are best set up for success. “When we began this journey to strengthen our audience revenue strategies, we knew we needed expert guidance. The RevEngine Core team has been dedicated to help [our] journalistic mission,” said Brittany Winkfield, Associate Publisher of Denver Urban Spectrum. 

Priced at just $200 per month or a discounted yearly fee of $2,000, RevEngine Core is the first paid tier of the free RevEngine product but should quickly pay for itself.

“We are confident newsrooms will recoup their investment in RevEngine Core if they follow our best practices and playbook,” said News Revenue Hub founder and CEO Mary Walter-Brown. “On average, newsrooms see at least a 50% increase in donation revenue in the first year they implement our tools and strategies.”

Newsrooms interested in using RevEngine Core can get started today — or sign up for a free consultation.


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