What does the News Revenue Hub do?

We’re a nonprofit B2B that helps news organizations build membership and crowdfunding programs.

To do this, we provide strategy and technology to our partners—everything from developing messaging to implementing custom tech. We also train partners on industry best practices and provide support along the way.

Our goal is to give our partners more bandwidth, so think of us as a member of your team. We take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best: producing high-quality journalism.

How is this project funded?

The Hub is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded by individual donations, member fees, and foundation grants.

The Hub is supported by The Democracy Fund, Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation, The John & Florence Newman Foundation, The Knight Foundation, The Lenfest Institute, and The Rita Allen Foundation.

Who’s involved in this project?

Hub partners have received Pulitzer Prizes for reporting, an Academy Award, and Academy Award nominations. See our full partners list here.

How can I learn more?

Sign up for our newsletter, check out our news page, or contact us. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

Donor FAQs

What is checkout.fundjournalism.org?

checkout.fundjournalism.org is the Hub’s secure payment processor. We built this software so our partners have an inexpensive, convenient way to take contributions from readers. We use Stripe to securely process transactions.

When I make a contribution, do you retain my personal information?

To ensure quality, the Hub logs some transaction data in our application logs. However, we do not store this information long-term or use it for any other purpose.

To review our Privacy Policy, click here.

Do you charge a transaction fee on top of my contribution?

No. We don’t charge any additional fees on top of contributions.

Stripe, the payment processor we use, charges a nominal fee which you can choose to cover at checkout. If you cover the Stripe fee, 100% of your contribution will go to the organization you’re giving to.

Partner FAQs

How do I get in? What are the requirements for joining the Hub?

In order to provide the best possible service, we thoroughly vet each applicant before admitting them to the Hub.

Because we do much of the heavy lifting, we expect partners to embrace a culture of experimentation, our recommendations, and the membership model of fundraising. We also choose partners based on their ability to leverage our economies of scale.

Contact us to start the discussion and see if the Hub’s right for you.

Do you serve for-profit organizations?

Yes. We serve mission-driven for-profit organizations as well as nonprofits.

How much money can I expect to make if I adopt your strategies and tech?

In just a few years, we have helped raise over $35 million in small donor revenue for journalism. That’s no small feat!

While most news organizations quickly recoup what they invest in the Hub’s services, our focus is on building a long-term, sustainable revenue stream—not getting partners an immediate windfall.

Some organizations do see rapid success, but that’s not what we promise. There are no quick fixes to the complex problems facing journalism today.

What are the exact services the Hub provides?

Visit our Services page for more information.

What is the cost to join the Hub?

The cost to join the Hub varies depending on your organization’s needs.

Contact us to start the discussion to see if your organization would be a good candidate for Hub membership.

What’s the Hub community like?

When you sign up for the Hub, you join a pioneering group of news organizations working to solve the future of digital journalism and, importantly, how to make it sustainable.

You’ll find yourself supported by like-minded peers who want to see high-quality journalism thrive. You’ll share thought-provoking articles, ideas, and successes. And don’t get us started on how much better conferences are when you have your Hub cohort! (Also, everyone is really friendly!)

What tech platforms are required for participation in the Hub?

To make the best use our technology, partners need to use Salesforce, Stripe, and MailChimp. Our custom tech makes these tools more powerful, and our staff will help you to get them implemented.

If your organization is unable to adopt these platforms, we offer a consulting-only service. We’ll help you write and execute fundraising campaigns, provide assessments and recommendations for membership, consult on UX design, and more.

Are the Hub’s custom tech tools open source?

Some of our tools draw on publicly available code, a standard practice in the industry. Our checkout app, for example, is based on Texas Tribune’s Salesforce-Stripe app. If you’d like to try setting up a Salesforce-Stripe integration on your own, that’s the place to start.

The tools we offer our partners are proprietary, however. They are tailored to our services and support a diverse set of requirements—including the operation of several membership programs at once.

Use of our software is included in the Hub membership fees. News organizations that aren’t full members of the Hub may apply to license our software as part of a software-only service.

What happens if I join the Hub but then decide to leave? Do I have to start from scratch?

You can continue to use our custom technology and receive support for a licensing fee.

If you decide to move to a different service or build your own, we will work with you during the transition.

What is the Hub’s role in NewsMatch?

NewsMatch is a matching-gifts campaign led by the Knight Foundation, Democracy Fund and MacArthur Foundation.

Each year eligible member-organizations of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) can get donations matched (to a certain cap) by a rotating set of funders.

The Hub participates as a NewsMatch partner by offering free resources to INN members including webinars and an out-of-the-box fundraising toolkit. The Hub also provides reports for NewsMatch participants who use Salesforce.