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Hub Report: How audience impacts membership revenue

We recently completed our latest analysis of Hub client revenue patterns, and we’re pleased to share the findings. Our discoveries include significant revenue increases for first-year clients, a strong connection between email list size and member revenue, strong support for nonprofits in particular, and more. Hub data scientist Erin Boon has analyzed client revenue data […]

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Hub Report: WordPress in the newsroom – Workflows, pain points, successes, and opportunities

At the Hub, we’ve been thinking about Content Management Systems for a long time. We’ve been using WordPress in particular for more than 15 years; we’ve seen how this open source publishing platform has evolved — and changed lives. WordPress’ power is in its flexibility, but this flexibility can also lead to complexity for publishers. Our […]

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The Hub as a Personal Trainer

Since the News Revenue Hub was launched in November 2016, we’ve seen a lot of growth. We are working with 35 newsrooms, are expanding our team and services offered, and have helped clients raise more than $14 million in secured and pledged donations. And while we’re thrilled with this growth, we’re always striving to be […]

Posted inNational Press and News Revenue Hub devise a toolkit for local newsrooms is launching a new toolkit, called Newspack, for small and mid-sized publishers to streamline their technical decisions — and make choices that add to the potential of finagling a business model. Kinsey Wilson, former digital guru at NPR and The New York Times and now’s president, is leading the initiative, working with the […]