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Berkeley, California’s independently owned local news site, reporting on Berkeley and the East Bay.

News from Montgomery County, with a focus on politics, development issues, crime, education, real estate and more.

Billy Penn

An independent media organization that strives to provide just the right mix of serious and lighthearted news about Philadelphia.


A nonpartisan journalism venture committed to explaining how California’s state Capitol works and why it matters.

The Center for Public Integrity

Investigative journalism covering money in politics, the environment, national security, immigration, and more.

Committed to covering one of America’s most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children.

Nonpartisan news outlet with a mission to produce deep reporting on government and hold policymakers accountable for their decisions and actions.


Useful and delightful news for people who care about Denver.

Hechinger Report

In-depth journalism that uses research, data and stories from classrooms and campuses to show the public how education can be improved and why it matters.

Honolulu Civil Beat

Dedicated to cultivating an informed body of citizens, all striving to make Hawaii a better place to live.

The Incline

A news organization for Pittsburghers who want to understand today’s issues to make tomorrow better.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning, non-profit, non-partisan news organization dedicated to covering climate change, energy and the environment.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

A global network of reporters and media organizations who investigate the most important stories in the world.

Maynard Institute

The nation’s oldest organization dedicated to helping the news media accurately portray all segments of society, particularly those often overlooked, such as communities of color.

State and local government affairs and community issues, including education, health, economic development, poverty and race, as well as Mississippi’s social culture.

NJ Spotlight

Nonpartisan online news service that delivers insight and information on issues critical to New Jersey, with the aim of informing and engaging the state’s communities and businesses.

Stories from Hawaii. Because sometimes being in the middle of nowhere gives you a good perspective on everywhere else.

Non-partisan news with a goal to promote and deepen public and private debate that makes a difference in the lives of Oklahomans.


Focused on looking at specific statements made by politicians and rating them for accuracy.

Pittsburgh news with context on education, environment, local government, and social justice.


Holding the powerful accountable by revealing government fraud and waste of taxpayer funds, human rights violations, environmental degradation and threats to public safety.

A public service program that deploys outstanding journalists into newsrooms around the country to report on under-covered topics and communities.

A nonpartisan digital news organization with a focus on San Antonio and Bexar County.

Voice of San Diego

An investigative news organization that gives citizens the tools they need to engage in important conversations.

Nonpartisan news with a goal to increase the quality, quantity and understanding of investigative journalism to foster an informed citizenry and strengthen democracy.

Youth Radio

A national network of young journalists and artists who create multimedia content for this generation.