The News Revenue Hub is building out a centralized team of audience and product development experts to help small and medium-sized newsrooms reach more consumers and better serve their needs.

Audience development is an ambiguous term. Most news organizations have someone on their staff with “audience” in their title or job description, but oftentimes these roles are focused on audience engagement, i.e. posting stories on social media. Engagement, while important, is different from audience development which focuses on strategically analyzing, targeting, acquiring, converting and retaining new readers and supporters.

We believe the News Revenue Hub’s new Audience Development Team can do for audience growth what we did for membership growth by providing a centralized team of specialists to work alongside newsroom staff to boost capacity and achieve meaningful results.

The Audience Development Team will help news organizations understand and leverage their audience analytics, target likely audiences on search, social and other platforms, and develop products designed to meet their specific needs – while building long-term loyalty and financial support.

This position will lead the Audience Development Team and help shape the suite of audience development services offered to Hub clients, including tools, strategies and workflows.

Ideal candidates will have proven expertise in:

  • Audience analytics
  • Lead generation (search and social platforms)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product development and integration, particularly around email newsletters
  • User research, persona development, and user experience
  • Editorial strategy
  • Training and working with newsroom teams

In addition to possessing critical technical skills in data analysis, SEO and lead generation, the SADS should understand editorial strategy, newsroom workflows and cultures. They should possess strong interpersonal skills and be able to work with different personality types.

This position is 100% remote but may require occasional travel.

The News Revenue Hub is committed to a diverse workplace. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage candidates of all ages, color, ethnic background, country of origin, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity to apply.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please contact News Revenue Hub CEO Mary Walter-Brown,, and include your resume.

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